Launched in 2014, MUES Design is a business run by two sisters both eager to share and express their ideas about interior design.

Raised by a mother who was a decorative painter and a father who was a cabinet maker, we used to live among texture effects, color tests, precious woods and styles from various periods. Growing up in this plentiful and inspiring environment, we have become today two insatiable fanatics of settings and decorating tricks.

We conceive interior design as an incredible playground where switching from a classic to a kitsch look, from a retro to a contemporary style is not a miscue but an interesting mismatch. Demystifying wallpaper is actually kind of a hobby for us ! We like perceiving wallpaper as a molt, a renewal, a very simple setting option which can easily follow your mood.

Designed in our Parisian studio, MUES Design wallpapers are made to order in France. The depth of our designs comes from a work we do first by hand like water coloring, sketching, drawing…

Since walls are not always straight and can have beautiful odd shapes sometimes, all our designs are available in bespoke sizes.

Simple to hang and to remove, non-woven wallpaper can easily fit your creativity, so believe in yourself and have fun !